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Timeshare Exchanges: A Guide

Out of a hundred percent, only twenty percent of timeshare owners invest in home resorts as the rest set down their adds in their weeks. Supposing that if the Owner Occupancy Level is only at twenty percent, then how easy can it be getting things on exchange?.

It is however unfortunate that most resorts have a higher OOL than that of twenty percent. As a matter of fact, most resorts during certain times of the year have an OOL of up-to ninety percent. This is how a timeshare owner can quickly get to determine the OOL and probability of getting the exchange they want.

Since some big clubs have launched their point programs you could count on high OOL in the high priced and top of the game timeshares. It is much easier to get this information during the festive seasons as this is when most people are looking to get booked into resorts and clubs with their families.
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For instance, if someone pays close to seventy thousand dollars to spend a week at a hotel, then he or she is less expected to seek exchange to another resort mostly because of what they’ve paid. You should, therefore, expect a very high Owner Occupancy Level in such a place. It is, however, possible to get lower OOL’s say if a regular customer decides on taking their families elsewhere for their holidays.
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You should know that apart from the prices on purchase, there are other factors that you need to look into. Some resorts are known to have high OOL during all seasons, and hence this makes it difficult to get reservations.
Getting transactions at timeshare clubs is tough. This is because club owners do not have to use RCI or II to transfer to other resorts within the club. And for this reason the clubs have higher owner occupancy levels.

Thus how does one exclusively ascertain how much availability they could get at a resort at the time they are planning on going? Simple. Try getting this information from RCI and II but be sure to get the right advisors. This is because not all the agents could have access to the information you might need. You could also call the resort directly and find out from them.

Lastly, it does not mean that if a resort has a high OOL in a particular year then it’ll remain like that for all the following years to come. Trending currently, is the rise in the number of large and new resorts in most parts of the world. Resorts situated in the major metropolitan areas are likely to have high OOL. Most people do not want to travel far these days, so they just opt to settle in resorts that are close by.