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This blog explores several categories, such as parenting, travel, helpful hints, and beauty. A recent post draws attention to non-surgical methods of looking younger. Injections have advanced over the past decade because there is high demand for ones that last longer, and can be used in different areas. Older ones, such as Botox, are still offered and provide the ideal solution for some patients.

Newer Alternatives

Some injections are now available that can replace liposuction and neck-lift surgery. The brand name, Kybella, is a substance that is injected into the chin and neck to destroy fat cells. The gradual results decrease the appearance of a double chin and a sagging neck. Fat deposits are to blame for those two issues.

This injection breaks down fat cells to smaller particles that the body naturally eliminates through the immune system. Destroyed fat cells are not replaced by the body, so this is a permanent solution once desired outcomes have been achieved.

Juvederm is the latest derma filler for wrinkles, thinning lips, and drooping checks. The substance injected into the skin is one that is naturally occurring in the body. That makes it safer than older injected formulas. Results can least for up to one year on wrinkles and lips. Two year results have been reported when used to tighten the checks.


Minimally invasive procedures cost much less than surgery. They can be completed right in the office, eliminating hospital expenses. Pricing is per injection so they can easily fit into a budget. There is zero recovery time so no work is missed and there are no after care costs.


As explained in post, non-surgical methods are safer than surgery. Every procedure carries some risk, but injections are given one at a time. That means any allergic reaction will be noticed immediately. No cutting drastically reduced the risk of infection. A little swelling, discomfort, or reddening of the injection site are common side effects.

A consultation with the doctor is the first step in the process of beginning treatments. Not all people will be ideal candidates for injections. Past medical issues, current conditions, and medications taken, if any, will have to considered and carefully reviewed before treatment commences.