Retin-A Tretinoin: Healing the Skin Naturally With Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to keep skin cells healthy. It balances the skin and normalizes the production of oil to prevent skin from becoming too dry or developing acne because of excess oil. It regulates the production of collagen that keeps the skin looking fresh and feeling firm. It also helps to heal the skin since it regulates the skin cells and aids them in proper regeneration. Using products that contain Vitamin A is a wonderful way to keep the skin looking younger and healthier.

Retin-A Tretinoin is a Vitamin A product that is usually prescribed by dermatologists as a topical gel or cream. When used as directed it has the ability to improve cell regeneration. It works by irritating the skin and causing the turnover of fresh skin to happen at a more rapid pace than normal regeneration. This process can help older skin to renew itself in the same way it once did when it was younger, and it results in the elimination of many types of common skin complaints

? Dark spots (hyperpigmentation) caused by excessive sun exposure are eliminated.

? The cream helps to fade the scars left behind by acne and other mild skin injuries.

? Reduces the appearance of deeper creases and wrinkles and may completely eliminate fine lines and moderate wrinkles.

? Heals existing pimples faster and stops the production of new blemishes.

? Gives the skin a brighter and more youthful and firm appearance.

? The newly firm skin causes pores to appear smaller and the texture of the skin is improved.

Using the prescribed cream will not immediately heal all skin problems. Improvements to the texture of the skin may be evident within a week or two, but the major changes will take anywhere from three weeks to several months to be noticeable. Most wrinkles are treated within six weeks of use and brown spots could take up to two months to fade. Applying the cream nightly to clean, dry skin is all the effort that is needed to enjoy the benefits of this product. Some people experience dry skin, redness and some tingling. Intense side effects may require the user to switch their other skin care and cleansing products to prevent interactions.