The Pursuit of Justice for Elder Care Abuse and Neglect


Senior citizens rightfully deserve to be handled with utmost care and be given unwavering attention given their vulnerability. It is for this reason that most of us decide to take our parents and elderly family members to nursing homes where they have 24-hour professional services. Unfortunately, many at times this right decision becomes a doorway of exposing elderly individuals to abuse and neglect which can lead to trauma or cause severe harm. Since the old are generally weak, it is not unusual for such cases to lead to premature death or a significant decline in one’s health.

Nursing home care facilities play a vital role in providing the elderly with a safe place where they can stay and be cared for but not all employees or centers adhere to the industry’s best practices. Statistics released by the National Center for Elder Abuse shows a worrying trend where more than 84% of elderly abuse and neglect goes unrecognized. Translated to most scenarios, this means that a lot of people are blind to the factors that amount to abuse and let our loved ones suffer in silence for no other reason because they are under the care of professionals.

Cleveland nursing home neglect lawyers are working to change these unwarranted situations where the elderly are not given the humane treatment they deserve. The law is a great equalizer, and by taking the right steps to seek justice for senior abuse, a wakeup call is passed to all nursing care facilities to take charge of their responsibilities. Nationally, elder abuse is a worrying trend which does not select the victim, and regardless of the social, economic, or cultural background, it deserves to be given more attention. Among the main situations listed by neglect lawyers that amount to the abuse of the elderly include;

  1. Exploitation. This refers to the forceful or unauthorized use or concealing of the older adult’s items, property, and income. A lot of times the exploitation is financial where a trusted caregiver or family member takes advantage of the trust developed to steal from a senior citizen by committing identity fraud or misusing their finances.
  2. Emotional abuse. This is one of the most common violations committed by most employees in nursing homes and involves among others yelling, ridiculing, threatening, and ignoring the older individual.
  3. Physical abuse. Any acts where an elderly individual is assaulted, kicked, slapped, or bitten amounts to abuse which must be criminalized. Physical abuse also extends to restraining and confining the elderly against their wishes.
  4. Sexual harassment. Any type of sexual contact that is done either purposefully or unintentionally amounts to abuse. This can include forcing the elderly to undress, engaging in sexual acts, and inappropriate touching among other inappropriate sexually oriented actions.
  5. Neglect. This is where the caretaker fails to fulfill all their obligations leaving the elderly individual without the required assistance. Most cases of neglect go undetected and are primarily caused by factors such as understaffing and ignorance among the caregivers.

If you care about your loved ones, then extra attention must always be given to their conditions when at a nursing home with any situations amounting to violations discussed with home abuse and neglect lawyers.